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Hire Charges


If you decide to use our service on a regular basis you may find it advantageous to become a member of the scheme. This saves you having to complete a form or leave a deposit every time you need a wheelchair/scooter and members also pay a reduced fee.

Scale of hire charges:


Annual Membership Fee: £15.00

Scooter – £5.00
Power Chair – £5.00
Powerpack Chair – £5.00
Manual Wheelchair – £2.50

Non Members

Refundable Deposit: £10.00

Scooter – £7.00
Power Chair – £7.00
Powerpack Chair – £7.00
Manual Wheelchair – £3.50

Temporary Hire

Manual Wheelchairs only

Refundable Deposit: £30.00
Hire Charge (per day) – £3.50

On your first visit…

You will be asked to complete a booking form and to produce two items of identification confirming your name and address, at least one of which should be a utility bill.
One of our staff will give you a short training session showing you how the wheelchair/scooter works and to ensure that you are competent to safely drive it.

Advance Booking

As the Shopmobility scheme is extremely popular, especially at peak times, you are strongly recommended to pre-book your wheelchair or scooter.

Terms & Conditions
As a registered user of Eastbourne Shopmobility, you must agree to undertake the following conditions:

  • You confirm that you are over 18 years of age.
  • To take due care and attention of the vehicle whilst in your care and not to leave it unattended unless safely parked out of the way of pedestrians
    and with the key removed.
  • Not to use the equipment on the road except for the purpose of crossing from one side to the other.
  • Not allow any other person to use the vehicle.
  • Not to carry another passenger, including babies, small children or animals.
  • Not to hang anything over the handlebars or near the speed controls.
  • To be aware of the safety of pedestrians at all times and to take special care when turning corners, manoeuvring in tight spaces and when
    reversing, and reduce speed in crowded areas and shops.
  • Not to use the equipment outside the designated area, as defined by Eastbourne Shopmobility.
  • Not to use a powered vehicle under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or medication that impairs your ability to use the vehicle.
  • To report any accidents, problems or faults with the vehicle to a Shopmobility staff member.
  • To return the equipment to a member of staff at Shopmobility at or before the agreed time in a good clean condition, having taken care consuming food and drink.
  • Please remember that other people use the equipment, so if you have problems with continence or other similar conditions, will you please advise us.
  • Eastbourne Shopmobility reserves the right to refuse a loan at their discretion.
  • You use the vehicle at your own risk and Eastbourne Shopmobility accept no liability for any loss or damage except when directly resulting from their failure to keep the vehicle properly maintained.
  • The wheelchairs and scooters are provided only on condition that Performance Retail Limited Partnership and Eastbourne Shopmobility shall not be liable for loss or damage to any vehicle or property therein or thereon
    or loss of or damage to any property unless caused by the negligence of Performance Retail Limited Partnership or Eastbourne Shopmobility.